- Appropriate since Since i’m applying for my masters in a far away land.



- Appropriate since Since i’m applying for my masters in a far away land.


Tomcat BrothersPiotr Jabłoński

- I love this style.

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Tata&Friends   |

"After doing some research on icons design we decided to make this tribute to the bands we love. Literal Rock Band Icons."

We are a design muscle for positive brands. We lead visual strategies so that our clients reach their customers´ hearts. We believe in process, research, experiments, curiosity and positive thinking. Tata&Friends is a place to grow, to collaborate, to learn and to share knowledge.

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- I love these very literal name icons.






"Disney Villains Perfume" by japanese artist Ruby Spark.

i saw that one was missing


- My love for packaging and disney has merged.

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With its new flagship store on Tauentzienstraße, one of the most exclusive Berlin retail locations, O2 consequently refines its concept for shopping experience. The “Live Concept Store” is systematically centering around product and brand experience – the visitors are animated to touch, test, and get inspired, thus identifying for themselves the benefits of digital services and products. In order to support this, O2 offers panel discussions, workshops, concerts, and thematic events, in addition to its comprehensive services. The store design likewise, mirrors customer focus: natural materials, benign design and furnishing details are creating an atmosphere of invitation to stay.

Designed by hartmannvonsiebenthal

- Hold the phone. Why does Canada have nothing this cool? 

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Official poster of the SXSW Film Festival 2014 (Austin, Texas).
In collaboration with Gravillis.

Austin’s symbols :
- Paramount Theater
- Food Trailer Parks
- South Congress Bridge bats
(- The Texas Capitol)

“Our goal was to create a poster that did not feel like it could be easily digitally reproduced. Ultimately, we wanted to embrace the ‘do-it-yourself’ ethos that SXSW has shown each year with their creative and imaginative footprint at the festival.” -Gravillis Inc

- So much awesomeness.

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Finally, something worth pausing Timefall over: artist Steph Caskenette is making us relive the 8-bit heydays, all over again. 

NEStalgia, the “self-explanatory” new image series from the digital paper-craftiér features everyone’s favorite early-Nintendo moments reconstructed as digital images that like theyre cut from tissue paper. 

But less like Paper Mario than the 2.5D NES updates we’ve all been waiting for since our TVs stopped using AV cables, the series runs the gamut from Metroid to Castlevania. We don’t just want to buy prints of these things—we want to play ‘em. NEStalgia in all its post-consumer-esque glory.

Like what you see? Of course you do. Follow Caskenette on Behance for more paper-crafty goodness.

h/t Neatorama

-Does this remind anyone else of Art Attack? Absolutely stunning.

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Buck O’Hairen’s Sunshine | Device Creative Collaborative | The Dieline

Sunshine Beverage Co. is a new company based in Winston-Salem, NC that recently launched Buck O’Hairen’s Sunshine with a brand identity developed by Device Creative Collaborative. Buck O’Hairen’s Sunshine is a lightly carbonated pick me up based on the legendary moonshiners all natural recipe. The design harkens back to the hand lettering of the late 1800’s and the boom of medicine show culture throughout the US.

- How can you not appreciate this?

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Swell Cold Co.Op
by Mark Caneso

- I adore this wordmark.

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Artist Rebecca Jewell uses a painstaking process involving a photo-plate, ink, an etching press and ethically-sourced feathers to create these beautiful and incredibly delicate works of art. Her creations are inspired by the native birds and feather artifacts that she first encountered living in New Guinea for a year in 1982. It was there that she learned how important both the birds and their feathers are to the native people and saw the amazing headdresses that they made.

"Of the pieces she says: ‘Over the past years I have drawn and painted feathers and birds, and explored how they have been used to enhance and decorate humans. I am also aware of the plight and precarious status of many species, which I wanted to represent in the delicacy of the image on the feather.’"

Rebecca is now an artist in residence at the British Museum, Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas where she “creates work that explores the shared histories between people that create certain artifacts, the explorers, anthropologists and travelers who obtain them, and the museums that house them.”

Visit Rebecca Jewell’s website to check out lots more of her amazing artwork.

[via Beautiful/Decay]

- This is kind of the equivalent of painting a cat portrait on a cat hair. This girls got skills!

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Kansas City based design agency Whisky created this cool pop-up beer cooler for Twang beer salt.

- Well ins’t this a clever idea?

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Going from food truck to the freezer section is no easy task. So when Yeti Frozen Custard decided to make the leap, the team at Sullivan Higdon & Sink knew their package design needed to be smart to stand out in the cluttered landscape that is the frozen food aisle.

"We chose a simple design and bright colors to make sure people would recognize this elusive custard. And with a design that mirrored the food truck, there would be no doubt that they just saw a Yeti."

Designed by Sullivan Higdon & Sink

Creative Direction: John January

Designer & Illustration: Joe Wilper

Copywriting: Brent Davidson 

Photography: Austin Walsh

- This is my new favorite design ever.

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Chubby Charlie Stationary, Illustrations and Web Design by Belinda Love Lee 

I had the privilege to work with two hungry sisters who import delicious goods from around the world to their shop in Hong Kong. 

Web development by

- I find this design absolutely charming and I love the name!

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Russian agency VOZDUH Advertising Agency has come up with smart and stylish condom packaging featuring brightly colored and patterned men’s suits and ties.

Created for Vizit Condoms, the boxes come in five designs with each sporting different colored jackets. Each jacket is paired with a unique tie that reflects the qualities of the condoms inside; a plain tie indicates the classic version, a striped tie refers to the ribbed version; a spotted tie for the dotted version, a rainbow-colored tie represents a tinted version, while a comically large tie indicates a large size.

Aside from being fun and eye-catching, the packaging cleverly ties in the message that condoms are part of a man’s essential accessories, just like ties.

- Classy condom packaging. This is clever as it doesn’t give what it is up right away.

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